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Medical Weight-Loss

Veritas medical weight loss clinic aims to help people struggling with losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight. There are several reasons people struggle with weight loss. A few of them include stress, excessive calorie intake, and hormonal imbalances. To be honest, weight loss is challenging especially in today’s busy work and life schedule. A lot of us start losing weight and fall off the bandwagon due to life stressors, lack of motivation, and or just plain tired of the vicious circle. Losing weight can be frustrating if not done correctly; that is why we make it a lifestyle here at Veritas. We offer direct access to a medical provider, medication delivery, and one-on-one coaching at your fingertip. Feel free to join us in the lifestyle journey!

Telemedicine Visits



15 minutes    SCHEDULE HERE 

online weight loss appointment

Follow up Appointment


15 Minutes online follow up weight loss appointment

Weight Loss Medications

Weight loss medication shipped directly to you.

***patient is responsible for shipping cost**

OZEMPIC Semaglutide with Vitamin B12 $400


Helps with weight loss and improves Hg A1C

Once a week subcutaneous injection--4 week supply

Sermorelin                $150-200

Helps decrease body fat & improve weight loss; increase endurance, strength and lean muscle mass; improves sleep, sexual performance and libido.  

Subcutaneous injections or sublingual troche 

(6 weeks=1 cycle, used 6 weeks on and then 6 weeks off)

Vitamin B12                                             $70

Helps boost metabolism, lose weight fast and increase energy.  

Subcutaneous injections, 10 doses, taken weekly or monthly

ADIPEX Phentermine/ Topiramate             $150


Helps with weight loss 

Once a day capsule--30 day supply

FAT SHOTS--MIC with B12      $95

Fat shots helps with weight loss

intramuscular injections—1 month supply

*pricing may vary according to manufacturer's pricing & patient responsible for shipping cost for all weight loss medications*

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