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Medical Weight Loss

Free 15 minutes consultation.

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What is Medical Weight Loss?

Veritas medical weight loss clinic aims to help people struggling with losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight. There are several reasons people struggle with weight loss. A few of them include stress, excessive calorie intake, and hormonal imbalances. To be honest, weight loss is challenging especially in today’s busy work and life schedule.


A lot of us start losing weight and fall off the bandwagon due to life stressors, lack of motivation, and or just plain tired of the vicious circle. Losing weight can be frustrating if not done correctly; that is why we make it a lifestyle here at Veritas. 

Veritas Approach to Weight Loss

Initial Consultation $190

  • Virtual consult with provider

  • Discuss medical history, symptoms, and health goals.

  • Order labs

  • Schedule next visit in  1-2 weeks post lab results


 *Fill out the new patient forms and questionnaires on the website prior to consultation. We will send you an for your Treatment Initiation appointment*.

*If for any reason your lab results preclude you from treatment, we will refund $85 of your initial consultation fee.


Treatment Initiation

At your Treatment Initiation:

  • Review lab results 

  • In-depth discussion regarding patient's unique and personalized treatment plan.

  • All medications will be sent to patients via mail.

  • Follow up appointment will be scheduled for  2 weeks after and then 1  month to review progress.


4- week package includes the following:

  • One month of medication

  • Dietary counseling and meal plan

  • Exercise counseling 20% discount on additional supplements

*Pricing depends on Treatment Plan*

A few of Weight Loss Medication


  • First visit + 1 weekly injection   $195

  • Visit + 4 weekly injections with free B12 Injection $410

Sermoreline /Glycine: $180/month

Bupropion/Naltrexone/MIC/B12/L-Carnitine: $200/month


Follow-up Appointments

  • Follow-up visit bi-weekly, then monthly


How do they work?

Our medications primarily work by:

  • Reducing appetite and food cravings. This allows you to make healthier food choices.

  • Some of our medications also increase your metabolism so you burn more calories.


Routine follow-ups are done monthly after your Treatment Initiation appointment.

*Pricing depends on Treatment Plan*

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