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What to Expect

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What to Expect At Your First Visit

New Patient Form

Before your appointment, you’ll use our online form to share information

regarding your lifestyle and medical history, including any medication you may be taking.

It’s very important for your doctor to understand your overall health when prescribing a treatment

plan. You do not need to print this form after you submit it online.

Consultation with the Clinician

 You will then meet with one of our excellent medical providers, they will complete a physical exam, review your medical history, and recommend a treatment plan for you. Our clinicians will take the time to discuss all aspects of our program and answer any questions you might have.

Receive Medication  You will receive the medications for your first 30 days via mail.

What Happens After the First Visit

 A second consultation is usually scheduled for two weeks.

This allows enough time to start your treatment, monitor your side effects (if any), and be ready

to discuss any concerns that you may have. Our providers will continue to monitor you carefully

during your time in the program. We care about our patients and your safety and comfort is our

number one priority.

What We Do Differently

Most importantly, we provide tailored weight loss programs and one-on-one support to our patients.

Our medical providers can safely prescribe FDA-approved medications to treat obesity when diet and

exercise alone have failed. We are affordable. We don’t believe in over-charging patients and there are absolutely no contracts of any kind. We are proud to offer you the convenience of receiving medications via mail.


This eliminates the need to travel to a pharmacy or wait in line.

How Can I Get The Most Out of the Treatment?

Our clinician will continue to monitor your progress and adjust the program as needed. We ask that our patients follow all instructions provided during each visit and contact us with any concerns or questions that may arise. Our patients will benefit the most if they comply with the following suggestions:

  • Read all information packets that our staff provides you. You will receive a sample diet plan

and other useful reourses on your first visit. Please read over these in order to ensure you are

correctly following our guidelines.

  • Take the medications exactly as directed. Just as with any other medication, do not skip doses,

adjust the medication on your own, or stop the medication without consulting a doctor. Try to

take the medications around the same time each day. Certain medications are to be taken on an

empty stomach. Taking this type of medication with food may drastically reduce its effectiveness. Consult with a clinician before taking any other medication with the treatment.

You will be given a list of medications that may interact with treatment.


  • Keep your scheduled appointments. We understand that life gets hectic and occasional

appointment changes are necessary. However, in order to monitor your progress and continue

your treatment, regular visits are required. We work very diligently to ensure that your

appointments suit your schedule and do not take an unreasonable time out of your busy day.

We try to keep follow-up visits brief with minimal wait times while still addressing all of your


  •  Set realistic expectations. It is common for weight loss patients to set unrealistic goals for

themselves. The goal of our practice is to make you look and feel the very best that you

can right now. To sleep better, have more energy, increased self-esteem, and a lowered risk of

serious weight-related illnesses. Our goal is to help you gain control over your weight in order to

improve your health and the quality of your life.

  • Set aside your guilt and other negative emotions. Many of our patients feel a sense of guilt for

their condition. They feel ashamed that they can’t control their weight with diets and exercise.

They feel lazy, inadequate, or depressed. They may feel helpless and out of control. We do not

believe that being overweight is any different from any other medical condition, and we treat it

as such. We ask you to leave these emotions at the door and realize that you have a common

medical condition that can respond very well to the right treatment!

Healthy is an outfit that looks different on everyone.

Start your journey
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